Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Our comprehensive, tailored support packages reflect our confidence in the systems we design and build. We know at first hand there is no better way to improve a system than to keep in constant touch with the users who operate it.

There is nothing more frustrating than an outdated computer system which hinders rather than promotes the success of your business. This is precisely why we tailor our support services to suit your unique needs.

Support of other systems

There will be occasions where a computer system has been designed and developed by someone who is no longer available or where the system has been taken to its limits by the current technical team. We therefore offer support for solutions developed by either in-house teams or third parties (so long as access to the source code is made available).

Tailored to specific needs

Each support contract (and associated costs) is tailored to the application and to the needs of the company using it, and fully takes into account the complexity of the system. Depending on the level of support chosen, we can offer reduced rates on ‘development days’ for the on-going progress of the system.

Could you use our support?

Why not ask us how we can support your existing system? Additionally, if you would like us to develop a new system for you, please ask about the support we offer.

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Have something in mind?

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