Consultancy and Training

Consultancy & Training

Using our many years of experience in assisting business and industry with their information requirements, Halare can provide consultancy and training for every stage of design and planning, providing the groundwork for the design of a database system which can successfully sit at the centre of an organisation.

Clear planning of every aspect from design, implementation and maintenance is critical to the success of any database.


Data is one of the greatest assets an organisation possesses, but without the ability to see this data as useful information, this asset is wasted. Using our decades’ worth of experience, we can help you achieve the maximum return from the data you own (as well as the data you are collecting on an ongoing basis).

Whether you require help in designing a new database, improving an existing database, or trying to decide on your next steps to get the best from your data, we can provide you with expert consultants and programmers to assist you. They can work with you to use the most suitable technologies to improve data management, increasing productivity in the use of information, and to help save you valuable time and money.


Should you need assistance in training new IT staff or improving the knowledge of an existing one, we offer training principals of database design, and training in all levels of 4D programming. We can also provide you with a library of 4D routines to help you start with 4D.

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