Amazon Integration

Amazon Integration in Association With Telekinetix

With the increase in popularity of Amazon for shopping, it is becoming more and more attractive to sell via the outlet, and in some cases necessary to keep competitive. But in order to do so, entering all your products on to the platform can be a long time consuming process.

In order to avoid data duplication and prevent the need to manage the product inventory separately on Amazon, when the data already exists in a stock database, the Amazon API can be used.

After looking at the various Amazon integration middleware solutions available in the marketplace, none were found to fully suit the needs of the clothing industry, so Halare, in association with Telekinetix, undertook the task of integrating 4D directly with the Amazon API.

This involved covering the demanding Amazon API documentation, and producing routines to convert the product data to the structure and categorisation required. The data was then packaged into the required XML and uploaded on a regular basis using the Halare Scheduler component.

Further routines were written to retrieve and process orders from Amazon into the database, again managed by the Scheduler component.

Another aspect of the undertaking, involved producing an enrichment module, where the existing data can be added to for the purposes of eCommerce sales, and for mapping product data onto the Amazon categorisation data.

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