4D & 4D Server Development

4D Development

With 30 years experience developing applications in 4D since its launch in 1985, we are able to offer support in all areas of 4D development and system administration including 4D’s related products, plugins and components.

Fine tuning existing databases

If you have existing databases developed in 4D, we can assist in fine tuning the code and cleaning up data structures to further improve its performance. If the user interface needs improving, we can help with that too. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to set up 4D correctly and use its capabilities to the very maximum

Know what we know

If you wish to learn 4D or improve your know-how, we offer tailored training programs to suit you and your level of knowledge.

How can we help you use 4D?

We have been involved in many innovative and exciting 4D projects, giving us the know-how and experience to offer the following:

  • Design and program a custom database
  • Update an existing database to the latest version of 4D, optimising code for the new version
  • Write export routines or export your 4D data on your terms
  • Data recovery and repair
  • Link your 4D database to your existing web site
  • Link your database to web portals such as Amazon and eBay
  • Optimise existing code and improve the user interface
  • Tailored training and mentoring

Have Something in Mind

Have something in mind?

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